The wishing table

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What’s for lunch?

Maybe you know the situation. Soon is lunch time but you and your colleagues still have absolutely no idea what you want to eat. Healthy or fine with everything? What food delivery service?

With empty hands

„I am with empty hands“ – that’s the typical start of our daily communication on our lunch slack channel. There we decide, what we are going to eat and where we are going to order. To make this process easier by giving ourselves a little push, I created a concept of a tool that tells us where the order will be done. You just have to participate in a vote where you decide wether you want to have a healthy lunch or you are ok with everything.

channel slack

The Tool

Tischlein deck dich! – The wishing table

After every team member has selected its preference, the tool takes the category with the most votes and selects a random food delivery service nearby that fits into the winning category. If someone doesn’t feel happy about the tool’s decision he or she has still the possibility to say „Thanks, but not for me, I am out“.

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