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Almost everyday and everywhere we are confronted with new hypes, trends and nostradamus prophecies. BUT are really all of these starlights true future-proof killer inventions or are some of them just overrated appearings of temporary coolness with a first class one-way ticket to garbage island? Let’s find out.

New hypes everywhere

Let’s be honest: We just don’t have enough time to follow every new trend. The Hype Compass is our solution for you to find out what really could be the next new big thing in tech industry.

Screenshot Hype Compass Live Stream

But the compass isn’t just a website. It is something real we built with our hands and which is installed in our Lab. On the website you can trigger a vote and the 24/7 video live stream shows you the result of it.

Let the Hype Compass lead you to the digital future

Every week we will start a new poll regarding a certain trend and you can give us your opinion on whether it is future proof or not. We are already excited for the first results!

The first idea

Close up photo of the pi and a relay

I wanted to build something physical.  Something that is more than a web application, but it had to be connected to the Internet because IoT, right?=) So the first idea was a web poll that triggers something physical at our office. This already sounds like our actual compass but initially we wanted to build something smaller. Furthermore it wasn’t always meant to be streamed.


So I’m glad the project developed from this early vision to what you can see now: an 80x80cm wooden compass connected to our online Hype Compass polls.


What’s next

Like in other projects there is always place for improvements. We already have some great features in mind =) Additionally there is a lot more we can do with the compass like using it for different topics. A little bird told me there is going to be a big sport event this summer :-)

Hype Compass Info Graphic Components

Über den Autor

Christoph Rumpel

Meine Rolle bei Liechtenecker:
Meister des Backends, Erforscher zukünftiger Technologien und Trends, liebt Communities und strebt danach, das Web für alle zu verbessern.

Wenn es weder IT noch Digitalisierung gäbe, wäre mein Beruf:
Barkeeper oder Surf-Lehrer in Portugal oder Bali (wo die Sonne den ganzen Tag scheint und die Natur noch das Leben bestimmt)

Mein Herz schlägt für:
Das Web, PHP, Pi, virtuelle Sonntags Spaziergänge durch Uncharted, Sport, auf cleanen Wellen in Ericeira surfen.

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