Is the color in me the color in you?

Unlike usability or aesthetics, experience design is a considerably more complex challenge for interface designers. UX-Design requires more comprehensive consideration and configuration. A major aspect is the subjective, psychological components of the user. How does the user perceive something and what do they experience thereby. Everyone has their own reality and memories, for instance when it comes to the topic of colors.

Emphatic design and colors

Empathy also plays a large role when it comes to colors. However, colors are staged differently in interface designs. Either it is the corporate identity, color trends or simply the designer’s taste. Yet colors are much more, especially emotions. You perhaps all know the “classic” psychology of colors. For instance, red represents self-confidence, black represents authority or brown represents gentleness. However, that is just one aspect: colors are also memories and experiences.


Colors are memories, emotions and experiences

The emotions triggered by colors are different from person to person. We do know however, that there are also emphatic colors. Certainly, cooler colors like a dark grey or blue are less emotional. Yet they can still trigger feelings. Tell us about your memories and sensations with colors. We want to know, as part of our “True Colors” Experiment. Help us understand you even better.

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