The Happiness Tracker

Have you ever asked yourself „How happy have I been the year so far?“
„What was my general mood over the last couple of months?“ Well, I did.

Our LAB Mood Board

On our whiteboard in our LAB we have a small mood board on the upper right corner. When we come to work, we put our magnetic faces to the level we feel today so everybody knows what the current mood of every colleague is.

Liechtenecker Mood Board Happiness Scala

The Happiness Tracker

Beside my daily work I thought myself, how could this look like when this mood board would be transformed into digital? So just for fun I thought let’s try it out, do something cool and eventually I came up with the concept of the Happiness Tracker.

The Happiness Tracker is a small and simple application to track your states of happiness over a period of time. It could be an app or an application that gets integrated in intranets or 3rd party applications. Aim of the Happiness Tracker is simply to show you how happy you have been in the last couple of months in a funny way.

Enough said, just see the result, hope you like it.

Über den Autor

Stefan Blumauer

Meine Rolle bei Liechtenecker:
Konzeption, Experience Design, Visual Design

Wenn es weder IT noch Digitalisierung gäbe, wäre mein Beruf:
Gym-Besitzer und Astl-Trainer

Mein Herz schlägt für:
Das Meer, Calamari, Illustration, Stahl & Eisen

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