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Frontend Developer

Join us as a frontend developer in the heart of Vienna to work with a young, motivated and funny team. Be a creative UX dev with us!

Who is Liechtenecker?

We are an owner-led team of 17 (with you hopefully soon 18) professionals who love creating digital products and services for over 10 years already. Every product and service we create has a positive impact on the business of our clients and the lives of their customers – and we couldn’t be more happy about that.

Our focus is on excellent user experience (UX & UI), which from our point of view consists of very good user experience design and equally excellent technical implementation.

We mostly work on large, complex projects that are developed together with our customers over a long period of time. But we also have some small projects that lead to quick success. We don’t do ads, social media campaigns or anything else that creates unnecessary noise in the digital world, but we do add value for those who ultimately use our products: the people.

We work for companies like Josko, Wiener Städtische, IKEA or the Belvedere, to name just a few.

Everyone in our team can live out their strengths and talents – so your personal passions are valued with us. In addition, knowledge transfer is very important for us as well so we host regular meet-ups (when there’s no corona out there). We don’t just think about the status quo, we also want to actively shape our future. That is why our hobby is speculative design, which we also talk about in several workshops.

Sounds good? Perfect! Do you think you’ll fit into our warm-hearted, funny and motivated team to work and grow with us? Are you ready for challenging projects and discussions at our lunch table? Do you think you can beat our foosball champ? Then what are you waiting for?

What we expect from our new Frontend Developer:

  • Experience with JavaScript / TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3 + SCSS
  • Excellent knowledge of Angular (or knowledge of Angular and excellent knowledge of other Javascript frameworks such as React or Vue.js)
  • Experience in dealing with GIT
  • Experience with Webpack
  • Know-how about performance and loading time optimization of websites and apps
  • Independent, thorough and precise work
  • Good ability to work in a team
  • Interest in constant learning and development
  • Confident handling in OS X and the terminal
  • Service & customer-oriented work
  • Thinking outside the box (e.g. attend creative meetings, write blog articles, etc.)
  • High affinity to the topics of user experience and usability
  • Empathy

What would be great as well:

  • Work experience
  • Experience with current CMS (WordPress, Drupal 8/9)
  • Interest in technologies beyond classic web development
  • Entrepreneurial thinking

The tasks of our new Frontend Developer include:

  • Technical conception and development of web applications
  • Interesting projects with large Austrian companies
  • Maintenance and expansion of existing projects
  • Keeping an eye on developments and innovations in your area of expertise and actively incorporating them into your work
  • Technical contact for customers, partners and internally (also in meetings)

What we offer you:

  • Modern projects and tools
  • Independent work style
  • An open ear for your ideas
  • Beautiful new office in 1050 Vienna, Austria
  • Several team activities (lunch, table football, “shower break”, etc)
  • A relatively young, innovative, highly motivated and friendly team
  • Flexible working hours
  • Creative possibilities and self-realization
  • Opportunity to grow personally and professionally
  • Very flat hierarchy

Are you looking for a job where you can grow, shape, learn and take on responsibility?

Would you like to actively shape your work environment? Do you value high transparency and open and honest communication?

A caring and professional interaction with people is important to you, and you agree that providing service and well-being of users should be our first priority?

Are you waiting for the chance to leave your comfort zone and jump over your shadow in order to create innovation and added value for yourself and business partners with like-minded people?

If you are thinking „Yes! That’s exactly what I want and that’s what I am!“ then send your application to We would be happy to have you with us as soon as possible!

Regarding salary: we offer at least EUR 42,000 a year (gross, on a full-time basis). With the appropriate qualifications, we can also offer more. We also offer bonuses after a successful business year.

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