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I am a chatbot!

You want to learn a new language or just improve your language skills? Then you found your perfect partner. Learning a language the classic way is effective, but hard as well and studying a language on your own wont' make it better. So, here I am, the queen of languages and master of edutainment. Let's have some fun together while learning a new language. :)

Ok Tim, let us start! Choose a game you would like to play, for example Word Chain.


NELA is a chat-what!?

Right! NELA is a chatbot. A chatbot is some sort of simple artificial intelligence, a robot you can talk to via texting. It works completely automatic and is always available to you. Neither you have to install an extra app nor you have to download something. You can talk to NELA whenever you want and whereever you want simply via your Facebook Messenger.

NELA was created to give you the possibility to learn a language with fun. No matter if you are at the beginning of your journey to conquer new languages or just want to make sure your language center in your brain won't get rusty - NELA is there for you all.

At the moment , the current version of NELA is specialized on English, but don't worry, soon she will light up your day with a charming "Bon jour" or a sweet "Hola" and entertain you with new crispy games.

                        Message: Hi Tim, nice to meet you!  Message: Let us play a word game!

Games I know

Word Chain

This is NELA's favourite game. How does it work? Easy cheesy. NELA writes a word and you have to find another word which starts with the last letter of NELA's one. Then it's NELAs turn and so on. When NELA doesn't know any more words, you win.

Before the game starts, you can choose a category do determine which words you want to play with.

Have fun and show NELA who's boss! :)

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                        An animation showing someone playing the word game in a facebook chat-window.

Coming soon

Stay tuned, these games are on the way and available to you shortly.

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                        iphone background image
                        An animation showing someone playing the word game in a facebook chat-window.
                        Message: I am NELA. I will help you to improve your english skills.                         Message: Let us play the word game.                         Message: Congratulations. You passed the first level. NELA