Interaction Design

It is not about pressing a button. It is about creating delightful opportunities for an empathic communication.

It is not only about pressing a button…

Moments for interaction surround us in our everyday life. Irrespective of the areas in which a digital interaction occurs, at its core, every interaction has its one main purpose: Helping a user ccomplish a task fast and simple.

We at Liechtenecker handle interaction design as the main ingredient for great overall user experience. We do not just design interactions that fulfil tasks, we also design them to create moments of delight.

Smart and light intranet application

Wuzzlio - the foosball manager

Smart wearables

In order to create excellent interactions we do not think about how an interface behaves, we think about how people behave, how they feel, what they want to do and then adapt technology accordingly and hone it with great design.

With this approach of empathic interaction design we give our products personality, charme and sympathy, make them standing out of the crowd and give users the possibility to fall in love with them.

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